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Been testing this service for 1 month now and happy to recommend it. Never had a problem with transactions speed. Fair rates and easy to use.


Long Live Monero

Very quick transfer I recommend to everyone, thanks comrade!

XMR Lover

Found on Nulled

Great exchanger. Changed BTC. Receieved the money within 15 minutes.


Quick swap

I exchanged a large amount for bitcoins. The money fell into the account in a few minutes. Excellent service, definitely one of the best.

Abdul M


wonderful money exchange came in a few minutes, thank you very much!

Ella Crypto


My recommendations!



Fast, no delays, great exchange rates. Satisfied.


Top Service

Service is the top. There is always money in reserve, the rate is normal, the withdrawal speed is generally surprising! I advise you to use it.


I am glad to have

I am glad to have found your service. Thanks for the quick transfer.


Very fast exchange time and

Very fast exchange time and kind support!


A decent exchanger, I spend

A decent exchanger, I spend large amounts and they never let me down.
so far my largest trade was for 2.19BTC.


Fast exchange did everything at the

Fast exchange
did everything at the highest level
I’ll come here again!


I am very grateful, they

I am very grateful, they treat with understanding and went to meet my problem – they did the exchange in less than 10 minutes.

Free Gaza

I made an exchange here

I made an exchange here several times, everything is fine.

Jory Nigga

Love it

I am sure that this exchange is the best in the market.
Never disappoints and always fast service.

Excellent customer service too.



Perfect service fast and without any problems.
Thanks 4 your good work


Fast and honest! That is

Fast and honest! That is why I like this exchanger!

mytro Chuhuienk

Reliable and fast exchange, will

Reliable and fast exchange, will do more business in the future.


Thank You so much for

Thank You so much for this transaction. It was very Fast and also Amazing


All went well

All went well


Thank you very much —

Thank you very much — very easy and fast service!


Very fast and good price.

Very fast and good price.


Perfect exchange ! done in

Perfect exchange ! done in a minute !


Low minimum amount to do

Low minimum amount to do exchange and received in minutes after confirmed


Fast and good exchanger! Simple

Fast and good exchanger! Simple interface!


My order was executed without

My order was executed without any problem. I highly recommend this exchanger.



this platform is going to shine in the market.

Barbara White


Seems to be ninja running in the woods,
Also the platform is really good to use and worth trusting

Jimmy Gunn


they are good with almost everything.

Michael Lawson

Quick, smart and efficient

Their support is very good and they work smart. really a cool looking site and they have almost every coin the people are looking for.

WIilliam Rodriguez

Cool but average

good to see such exchange, but an average site

Noah Baldwin

Not that good

good designing for site, but it is slow as fuck

Mark Wright


this platform is also similar to the other exchanges.

Ashton Reed

Tested and approved

Personally i did a test transaction to see if they were legit, so they are, then i approved it for myself

Christopher Anderson

Cool looking website

This site is very cool lookin, and work as same as well, I wish them luck for the future.

Spencer Johnson

Very useful and good environment

very good and useful site, they maintained it well.

Yankee DJ

Good hold

They have got a good hold of coins and good to use platform.

Will Jacks


very slow, was not able to trade properly

Quinton Benjamin


They have been verified on monerica as well. So I saw it there and I found it very interesting.

Johnny Giza

Revolutionary platform

It can silent many exchanges, as it is the best platform, I have ever seen.

Xin Ping

Good work

It is a good work done by developer.

Vivian Philip

Cool Name

Despite of having a cool name all features are same as others

WInston Mesber

Cool UI

Very good to see such kind of interface

Moeen Pathan

Good and simple UI.

I found this very simple to use.

Oliver Puth


I can say it is is truly reliable platform, worth trusting.

Jason Curtis


platform is slow, but, overall a average experience.

Paul Doc

Found this via friend

I love this service and so much thanks to my friend for suggesting this.

Reatarded Gamer


Good service, thanks.


Decent fees

Fees are decent but service is good. Would love if they can drop the fee even a little bit, not high currently but would love to have it as low as Binance but then you cant have dex with cex fees lol


Good TG support

they have a good telegram support


Reliable and super-simple to use

very easy to use and multiple no. of coins.


Tremendous UI

it has a very cool and unique user interface, hope to see ninjas again.


Cool features and easy to navigate

Cool features and easy to navigate


Good recommendation

it was a Good recommendation from one of my friends

Shane Nairn


average platform


Best easy and smooth

Best easy and smooth

Stoned dealer


this is a super simple platform. i have never visited on a platform like this before.


Standing Tall

This is one the exchanges that will get to the tower heights.


Fast and trustworthy

Fast and trustworthy


Emerging exchange

It could reach at top in all exchanges.


Very handy and transparent

Very handy and transparent


Smooth and Simple

very simple and smooth platform to trade

Xao Kun


It works well but sometimes it is very slow


Hassle free

A complete hassle free platform that allows you to trade smoothly


No effects on large tranactions

I exchanged a lot of coins here, sometimes they were huge in quantity, at 1st i thought, it will not go through, but it went on smoothly.


All in one

They have mostly all the coins, I wish they get all the coin chains soon, best of luck.

Giovanni S

Glitches to fix

The platform is overall good, but sometimes the site sucks, it takes time for loading.


Cool domain

It really has a cool domain. Also they are quick as a Ninja.


Suitable for all

i think this is suitable for all kind of traders


About TG bot

I havent used website yet so cant say anything about that, but I have used telegram bot to trade and it works good.


Fast and easy,

Fast and easy,


Dont usually give review

but doing it this time cause how simple looking and to use the site is. keep it up.


Suggested by friend

But leaving review on my own, since I found this site quite amazing.


Works as intended and advertised,

Works as intended and advertised, will be back with more biz in future.


Being selfish

hope this site doesnt explode and in end we lose it, I hope it stays relatively small so I can use it for coming years.


Love it

Thank you, loving the exchange service.


Got 2k stuck

I sent 2k on BSC instead of ETH but contacted support and they were able to help me out and pretty quick too.
BTW love the clean interface.

10/10 support

Found through ad

I found this through some guy sending msgs on tg and though another scam site, but after a lot of back and forth with that annoying dude, decided to test with 89 bucks, to my surprise lmao I got my exchanged coins, I guess legit services still exist out there. Huge props and finally I can pay all the losers who dont accept Xmr by simply exchanging.
5/5 from my side.



A+ exxchange site. lol thanks.


Better than competitiors

I like the coin variety they offer. so for all good.


Pathetic support but it got resolved.

They took 4 hours to resolve my simple issue. I mistakenly sent funds on wrong chain but I appreciate that finally resolving the issue. I hope next time they aint this slow.
Fuc**ng turtles!!!

some shitty user


nothing much to say, did some quick swap, got my funds relatively fast.

Crypto Robin

Efficient and reliable

The platform offers a great range of features and a user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for cryptocurrency trading. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient exchange.

Jim Lahey

Some delays

There are times when I have experienced slippage and delays in executing orders due to low liquidity. This can be frustrating, especially when trading during high volatility periods.

Lorenzo Paige

Reasonable trade fee

The trading fees on are also quite reasonable compared to other exchanges.

Ruth Osteen

Multiple visits

I have been trading on multiple times and I must say, it has been a great experience overall.

Raymond Langford

Good customer service

Whenever I had a question or issue, their team was quick to respond and provided helpful and friendly assistance.

Edna A. Gipson

Imressive Interface

the user-friendly interface offers the wide range of trading options, this platform has proven to be an excellent choice for traders of all levels.

Daniel K. Keasler

Variety of coins

It offers a wide variety of trading pairs, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as smaller altcoins.

Jessica Russell

Good to use for beginners

Good to use for beginners and for the experts as well.

Julia Fernandez

very good and useful plarform

very good and useful plarform

David Jose

Worked in India as well.

Many of the exchange platforms do not work here in my country. I am very happy to see this platform working completely fine here. Very simple and easy to use.

Sanjeev Bhattacharya

No documents required for KYC or sign up

They never ask you for any sign up, no emails, completely anonymous transactions. I love this thing. these days, this is my favorite platform to trade.

Mr. Dependable

Available for the world

I first thought, if I would be able to access it in my country, thanks to the developers. I recommended it to almost all of my friends.

MD Akhter

Era of Ninja

It is swift and trustworthy as Ninjas.

Patrick Lmade

Quick, hassle free and unique

This platform is very unique as from various exchanges. It is super simple to use and quick as lightning.

Henrich De Cock

Had a bit of trouble

Had a bit of trouble while swapping at first, however overall it is good platform for everything a trader is looking for.

Antonio Paul

Reliable and trustworthy

it was a good time using the platform no troubles at all.

Jacob S

I like the way customer care handle my…

I like the way customer care handle my request. but i am deducted one star for time it take for exchange.


loving the service so far

loving the service so far everything works buttery smooth, hope it doesnt become a scam in future.

XMR Lover

my transaction had a issue

my transaction had a issue, and the team did a quick and excellent job tracking down the transaction and preventing me from losing 5 grand. awesome.

Kope More

Awesome platform

Awesome platform. Easy to use and navigate. My exchange took less than a few minutes.

Devin K.

Nice service

Tested for 1.5 XMR to LTC and it works as advertised. Thanks, bookmarked.


Worked great, thanks.

Quick and fast service, will be back for sure.

Anon Dude